Sometimes called “the fourth discipline” after swimming, biking, and running because after all, the time you spend in transition during a triathlon counts just as much as the time you spend in the water or out on the road. I’ve learned plenty about what to do and what not to do during a triathlon transition, and I’ll try to share that here.


Fast Wetsuit Removal

You come out of the water moving fast and see the boat ramp that you have to climb up to the transition area. You start running, and as you do you unzip your wetsuit and pull the top down to your waist. You get to your spot, and start trying to get the wetsuit off, […]


What’s the best way to get into your bike shoes after the swim?

In a triathlon you’ve got two choices for getting into your biking shoes after you finish your swim; 1) put them on in the transition area, or 2) already have them clipped onto your pedals, and when you jump on your bike and start pedaling then you can work your feet into them and make […]