Training Tips

A wise man once said “Experience is painful, and fools can’t learn any other way.” In this section I give you the opportunity to learn from my mistakes, rather than being a fool like me.


Warming Up

A few months ago, in preparation for my first marathon, I strained my soleus muscle. Amongst other things, I started out running when my body was completely cold. Normally I walk a bit because I’m waiting for my Garmin to sync up with the satellites (do you realize how amazing that would be to someone […]


Email – The Workout Killer

Your gear is ready to go the night before. You get to bed early. You wake up on time, early in the morning, while it’s still dark, and you can’t wait to get out running, on your bike, or to the gym. You’re just about to walk out the door when you think “I’ll just […]


Triathlon Podcast TriTalk

I just found out about TriTalk, a podcast about triathlons and made for triathletes, and it’s great stuff. It’s the #1 podcast about triathlon stuff, and is hosted by David Warden, a free-lance journalist, with articles appearing in Triathlete and Inside Triathlon magazines. He is on the Regional Board of Directors for USAT and the […]