Swimming is, at the same time, one of my favorite activities and one of the most boring. I love being in the water, and I love the full body workout, but boy don’t those laps get old? I’ll try and share some things I’ve learned here that make it more interesting.


Kiefer Swim Backpack Review

Kiefer sent me one of these swim backpacks a few months ago and I’ve now had a chance to test it out. My wife has tested it out quite a bit as well. Short and sweet of it: For use as a swimming backpack it’s perfect. It might not be what you’d want to use […]


5 Tips on How to Share Swimming Lanes

When I was a little kid I was on the local swim team. It was something of a family tradition. I don’t remember sharing lanes during practice, but we must have, because there were a lot of kids, many more than there were lanes. But I quit when I was about 10, and my swim […]


Triathlon Wetsuit – Renting vs. Buying

It didn’t take me long after getting into triathlon to realize I had chosen an expensive hobby. I was amazed when I first looked at triathlon wetsuits and saw them going for well over $600. I mean, it’s just a bunch of foam rubber glued together, right? Plus they weren’t exactly flattering to my body […]


My Version of New Moon or “When to Replace Your Swimsuit”

Since August I’ve been swimming in a pair of Zoot jammers. Who started calling these things “jammers”? Didn’t they used to be called swim trunks? And when I was a kid, I just called it my “swimsuit”. Actually I called it a bathing suit, but that doesn’t make much sense either since I don’t bathe […]


H2O Audio Waterproof iPod Case for Swimming

I posted a review of the Finis SwiMP3 v2 Waterproof MP3 player a few weeks ago, along with my comments that while I could see it working for some people, it didn’t work for me because the volume I needed just wasn’t there. I listen to audiobooks, and I could only pick up every other […]


Swim Smooth – The Dark Side

Ok, ok, there is no dark side to Mr. Smooth, that I know of. I just made the title sound controversial to get you to click on the link. My friend sent me to SwimSmooth.com the other day which, as a triathlete, I found interesting since I’m always trying to figure out how to swim […]


Lifetime Fitness Pool Dimensions – Sandy, Utah

I have, or had, a problem. I swim at the Lifetime Fitness gym in Sandy, Utah, and I like swimming in the outdoor pool as much as I can because there is part of the pool where you can swim lengths that go beyond the 25 meters of the lap pool area. But today I […]


Finis SwiMP3 v2 Waterproof MP3 Player

I just got a Finis SwiMP3 waterproof mp3 player so I could listen to audiobooks while I’m swimming. This is a very nice device. The “earphones” don’t go in your ears, they sit against the sides of your face right in front of your ears, and the sound is transmitted through your skull, as it […]


Triathlon Goggles

Two years ago I got Lasik, and an entirely new world was suddenly available to me. Today, I tried out Aqua Sphere Vista Swim Goggles and had a similar experience. They are really that good. I’ve been using Barracuda swim goggles for the past two years, and I liked them. They were better than the […]


Does Workout Order Matter?

My coach has given me workouts that specified swimming first, then running. This resulted in the following steps once I reach the gym: 1. Change into swim gear 2. Shower/rinse 3. Swim 4. Shower/rinse off chlorine 5. Change into running gear 6. Run 7. Change into swim gear 8. Shower/rinse 9. Stretch in hot tub […]


Finis Lap Counter

Swimming in a pool is tough mentally. Not because you need to concentrate, but because it’s repetitive and boring if you’re doing a long distance swim. You can break it up with drills, you can get a waterproof set of earphones and a waterproof case for your iPod (I really, really need one of those), […]