Safety first, or you might not make it to your first Ironman. So far I’ve been pretty lucky. No bike accidents and no major injuries. But it’s not just luck, some of it is simple discipline, like when it comes to stretching. Some of it is preparation and common sense, like wearing a helmet when you bike and wearing bright, reflective colors.


If you can’t see the car, the car can’t see you.

Some of my most valuable lessons about biking safety have been learned as a driver, not at a biker. Here are two lessons learned: The first happened on 123rd South in Draper, Utah before I got into triathlon. Draper is a very biker-friendly city in that there are wide shoulders and painted bike lanes all […]


Rest and Triathlon Training

If you were getting on your teenager’s case about how he needs to do better with his homework and he said “Yeah, I know, but rest is important too, so I’m taking a week off” you’d haul his lazy behind out in the street and whoop on him until you had more neighbors around spectatin’ […]