Racing Tips

Racing in a triathlon is quite different than training for one, and the tips that make for effective triathlon training don’t necessarily translate directly to what you should do during a triathlon race. I’m no expert, but I know some experts, and I’ll try to pass along what I’ve learned from them as well as from my own experiences making mistakes.


What to wear for your first triathlon.

I still remember my first triathlon like it was yesterday, although it has now been over three years. I had only seen one triathlon before, and that was before I got involved in triathlon so I wasn’t paying attention to the details. Luckily I had a good friend who was coaching me through getting started […]


Test Out Your Race Set-up

One of the most important tips for race day is to not try out new equipment on race day. This doesn’t just mean you shouldn’t try something out that you’ve never tried before. It also means you shouldn’t use new equipment even if you’ve used the same type of equipment before (i.e. a new pair […]


What’s the best way to get into your bike shoes after the swim?

In a triathlon you’ve got two choices for getting into your biking shoes after you finish your swim; 1) put them on in the transition area, or 2) already have them clipped onto your pedals, and when you jump on your bike and start pedaling then you can work your feet into them and make […]