There are days when you can’t wait to get out on the road or in the pool, and there are days when you’d rather sleep in. How do you stay motivated to keep up with that triathlon training? I’ll share what I’ve learned over the years, because with triathlon I’ve found that it’s all about motivation.


Learning Cantonese While Running

I normally listen to audio books while I do my triathlon training. Today I decided to learn a new language while running 6 miles by listening to a language training course from Pimsleur. The language? Cantonese. Verdict? Doesn’t work for me. The mind is an interesting thing. If I’m listening to something really interesting, even […]


Look Back Once in a While

On the topic of staying motivated, it helps to measure your progress. If I weren’t measuring my progress, I don’t think I would realize how far I’ve come. Here are a few bits of data that have made me feel like “Hey! You’re not doing all that bad!” 1. Three years ago, I had never […]


5 reasons triathlons are full of middle-aged people.

I just read this article, which led me to ask the question; Why are triathlons full of middle-aged people? I was going to ask why triathlons are full of middle-aged, fat people, but I haven’t seen that many fat people in triathlons. Not to say I haven’t seen any–I’ve seen some really fat people in […]


I need to sign up for something…fast.

This morning I went to the gym. Maybe it’s that I just did an Olympic distance triathlon on Saturday. Maybe I’m just feeling lazy. Maybe I’m burned out. I just could not get the motivation to swim for more than 10 minutes. I was going to lift weight too but…meh, I just didn’t feel like […]


Something Strange is Happening…

The other day when I woke up sick I weighed in at 203 lbs. Today, after eating, I was around 205. It appears I may have moved from hovering in the 205-207 range to the 203-205 range. But that’s not what’s strange, what’s strange is the tale I will now tell you. You see, my […]


What Do You Do When Things Don’t Go as Planned?

The last week has been full of instances in which reality misbehaves. First, I lost the keys to my roof rack for my bike–I think I left them on the roof of the car after unlocking my bike, forgot to lock it, and then drove off leaving the keys somewhere on the road in the […]


Progress is Possible

Like me, you may have struggled with a certain weight barrier. For me it has been 215 lbs. I peaked at 236 lbs. but that was temporary and it took work to maintain my weight that high. By “work” I mean a lot of ice cream and Swedish Fish. I’ve hung around 220 lbs. for […]


Kerry Enick’s Ironman Diet

Man, this guy makes me feel lazy. I can never hope to accomplish what he has, because I’ve never weighed 340 lbs. But throw out the weight, and we share the same story of fat men becoming Ironmen, except I’m still working on mine while Kerry has already arrived. I just got this story in […]


David Warden, My New Triathlon Coach

Well folks, if you read this previous post you’re going wonder how in the world I was able to hire David Warden, host of the Tri-Talk Podcast, to be my triathlon coach. Let’s just say that no, I’m not getting anything for free, and that where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you follow […]


Before and After Photos

Guilt can be powerful motivation. That’s what happens when you first put a “before” photo of yourself on the mirror in the bathroom so that you’ll see it every morning when you get up. You see yourself in your fat, bloated, lazy condition and think “Do I really look like that?” And then you go […]


Audiobooks Instead of Music

When I go skateboarding I listen to fast-paced, action-packed music, and it truly helps me skate better and try things I wouldn’t otherwise try. When I got into triathlon, I figured I’d do the same thing. I had already tried running without music and found it to be incredibly boring, not to mention all I […]