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Anecdotal Evidence for Altitude Training

I’m no scientist, but I can tell the difference between “easy to breathe” and “hard to breathe”. I live and train in Draper, Utah. The altitude is about 4,500 feet, probably 4,600 feet where I live. My parents live in Arcadia, CA, which is at 479 feet. I started doing triathlons in 2007, and this […]


Top 10 Downsides of Losing Weight

I started doing triathlons in late 2007. I think I weighed between 220-225 lbs at that time, and I’m now under 200 lbs. Less than a year before I started triathlons I was as heavy as 236 lbs, and that was absolutely no muscle. While losing almost 40 lbs has been a blessing in many […]


Who moved my chees…I mean, my locker room?

The Lifetime Fitness in Sandy, Utah has been doing some minor renovations in the locker rooms lately. Specifically they’re replacing the carpet that exists in certain areas with tile (don’t ask me whose idea it was to put carpet in a locker room in the first place). Now, to fully appreciate how the events I’m […]


Triathlon Race Management Pet Peeves

This is not the pet peeves that race management has, but rather pet peeves I have about race management. 1. Not listing the price of the event anywhere on the website. I’m not going to name names at the moment, but I’m trying to find out how much a certain triathlon here in Utah costs, […]


Triathlon Gifts Under $30, or…What to Get for the Triathlete in Your Life Who Wants All Sorts of Things You Don’t Understand

It’s not Christmas yet, and Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are long gone. But maybe you know a special triathlete who has a birthday coming up, or maybe you’re one of the seven people in the United States who plan out their Christmas presents this far in advance. Whatever the case, if you want to […]


Blog / Facebook Integration

You would think it would be a piece of cake to connect this WordPress blog to Facebook so that posts from it would show up on my personal profile, but it’s not. My latest attempt is to use the Simple Facebook Connect plugin for WordPress, which requires setting up a Facebook Application. Here’s an idea […]


The End of Coaching

Since August of 2009 I’ve been under the tutelage of a world-famous triathlon coach. But I have a limited budget for all my triathlon needs, and I need a tri-bike, so earlier this month I started thinking about talking to my coach about bumping down to one of his lower-priced plans. Coincidentally, my coach had […]


Lifetime Fitness – What Customer Service Should Be

Well over a year ago I canceled my membership with 24-Hour Fitness, had a nightmare of a time getting the cancellation processed (you would think it would be a fairly straight-forward process), and ended up swearing I’d never sign up with them again, nor refer anyone I knew to them. Between yesterday and today, I […]


Lifetime Fitness Likes to Call Me

It’s only Tuesday, and I just got my 47th marketing phone call from Lifetime Fitness this week. Ok, slight exaggeration, but seriously, I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls from them this week trying to sell me on signing up at their gym and telling me all about how they’ll give me $100 spending […]


Ben Greenfield’s CEO Triathlon Dominator Package

Has anyone ever bought this triathlon training package and used it? The website seems a bit goofy and low quality to me, like a lot of scam websites, but just because it looks like a scam and smells like a scam doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a scam. Maybe the proprietor Ben Greenfield designed it all […]


Weight Training

I started doing focused weight training today. Up until today, I was just doing “stuff”. Now I’m actually doing stuff according to my coach’s instructions and the Triathlete’s Training Bible. Here’s the workout I’m currently doing: 1. Leg press – “This is the #1 strength training exercise. 3 sets of 20-30 reps, embarrassing low weights […]


Does Workout Order Matter?

My coach has given me workouts that specified swimming first, then running. This resulted in the following steps once I reach the gym: 1. Change into swim gear 2. Shower/rinse 3. Swim 4. Shower/rinse off chlorine 5. Change into running gear 6. Run 7. Change into swim gear 8. Shower/rinse 9. Stretch in hot tub […]


David Warden, My New Triathlon Coach

Well folks, if you read this previous post you’re going wonder how in the world I was able to hire David Warden, host of the Tri-Talk Podcast, to be my triathlon coach. Let’s just say that no, I’m not getting anything for free, and that where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you follow […]


The Perfect Triathlon Training Center

What would the perfect triathlon training center look like? I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. Not because I have the $30 million laying around that it would probably take to build the place, but just because it’s fun to think about, plus I like to think of myself as an entrepeneur and I’m […]


IronmanDiet.com now on twitter

You can now follow my triathlon and Ironman exploits on twitter @ironmandiet.


Don Morehouse Tribute

A friend of mine Don Morehouse recently died in a triathlon during the swimming event. He was healthy, had run marathons, and was in great shape. The autopsy revealed nothing but the obvious, which is that he had drowned. It was quite a shock and my condolences go out to his family. My wife and […]