Back Pain No More

After a few hundred dollars and a few weeks going to the physical therapist my sciatica is 99% gone, which apparently means my discs have just about healed up. Every now and then I’ll get a small twinge, but for the most part I can now go days without feeling a thing. Considering I have at least two friends who had to have the full-on surgery to repair their discs, I feel pretty lucky to get away with just taking it easy in therapy.

Also happily for me, running seems to help my disc heal. My therapist says this is because running puts my spine in the optimum position, and because it stimulates blood flow to the region. Sounds good to me. All I know is that every time I run it seems to feel better and better.

I’ve also been doing stretches. The best one is lying on the floor on my stomach and then raising my shoulders up until my arms are straight, but keeping my hips on the ground so that my spine bends upwards. Apparently this releases pressure on the front of the disc which is what caused the injury in the first place, and it can actually help the disc suck the liquid it has lost back inside. All I know is it seems to help.