Getting Back

More injuries. I haven’t worked out in a full month. Nada. Not a thing. A month ago I did a 2.5 hr ride on my tri-bike, and when I got off my lower, right back felt a little sore, like something was wrong with a muscle down there. More above the hip than in the back. Then I sat in front of the computer for 20 minutes taking care of some business. I then ran out the front door and as I started running that muscle tightened up and got quite sore. I ran for about two minutes, and I was done. I could tell something was wrong and I shouldn’t push it.

A month later, and it still hurts, but I don’t want to pay a physical therapist again, so I’m just going to start working out again, albeit slow and easy. My hunch is that the problem stems primarily from a lack of core strength and hamstring flexibility. How did I come to that conclusion? Oh, just stuff people have said and things I’ve read. It’s just a guess. But it can’t hurt to strengthen my core, which has never been strong, and it can’t hurt to be more flexible, which I’ve never really been. So we’ll see how it goes.

  • Terry

    One word: Yoga.

    It’s improved my core immensely and any basic class should provide simple routines to address all those issues. Now, as part of my warmdown for either swim, bike or run, I incorporate a short yoga session to get everything back in alignment again. Works for me.