Foot Pain? What Next?!

Either my body is falling apart or I bought shoes that don’t fit right.

Last Saturday I ran 12 miles. In a blizzard. It felt great, and I was feeling great until about 8 hours later, when my left foot started to hurt on the bottom-middle. Not so much in the arch, but right in the middle of the foot, or center, whatever you want to call it. It was a dull ache that became a strong ache to the point where I couldn’t walk normally, although as soon as I took pressure off my foot the pain went away. The next morning the pain was entirely gone and I forgot about it.

Then today I went out to run 5 miles and a half mile into my run the pain came back, quickly, and got to the point where I felt it was a bad idea to run through it, so I turned around and came back home. Internet searches have failed to reveal any helpful information, but I’ve got a call into my physical therapist and am awaiting a response.

My opinion is that it’s something to do with either my shoes, or that I’m compensating somehow due to my recent disc injury which caused a lot of pain in my left leg. My shoes have never felt quite right since the day I bought them, and my therapist says if they don’t feel right then they aren’t right, because if they don’t feel right you’ll end up compensating for them which will cause problems.

The pain from the disc injury is gone, but I wouldn’t put it past my brain to still be favoring my left leg. Although if I’m favoring it wouldn’t that mean I’m putting more pressure on my right leg and therefore my right leg should be hurting? But maybe because I’m aware of the possibility that I’m compensating perhaps I’m compensating for that and purposely putting more pressure on my left leg. I guess I need Will Smith with his Men-in-Black memory-eraser to help me forget that I had an injury so that I stop compensating altogether.

But my main question is why now? I’ve been training for two months. I’ve been doing long distance runs. Granted, this is my first 12-mile run in these shoes, but I ran 10 miles the week before without any problems, and would 12 miles make that much of a difference from 10? My shoes are getting close to the 250 mile limit that the guy at the shoe store said was a sign I need to get new shoes, so is it that my shoes are wearing out? Or is it a combination of everything? It’s so complicated.

  • Joshua

    Ha, turns out I just needed new shoes. I got a pair of Sauconys yesterday and ran 5 miles in them today with no pain whatsoever. I guess the limit for me is a bit less than 250 miles, given that I’m a heavier guy. Plus I had run in that last pair quite a bit in rain and snow, so they had gotten soaking wet several times and apparently that makes your shoes wear out faster.