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Ironman St. George, Utah

Yep, so of course the big news in Utah lately is that we’re finally getting an official Ironman triathlon in St. George. WTC race official Paul Huddle says the run “is definitely the hardest of any [Ironman] North American run course.” The first one will be May 1st, 2010. Think I can be ready by […]


Wall Street Exec and Crash Survivor Trains for Kona

Ten years ago Mr. Morgan wasn’t even sure if he’d ever walk again. A plane crash left him with two broken vertebrae in his neck and 30 percent of his body covered in burns. “I had a 50-50 shot at life,” Mr. Morgan recalls. “I had to learn everything all over again — how to […]


Don Morehouse Tribute

A friend of mine Don Morehouse recently died in a triathlon during the swimming event. He was healthy, had run marathons, and was in great shape. The autopsy revealed nothing but the obvious, which is that he had drowned. It was quite a shock and my condolences go out to his family. My wife and […]