How to Make Green Smoothies Taste Better

Back around August I started drinking green smoothies. I held up for a little over a month, and then I couldn’t take it anymore. The taste of raw spinach got to me, and I couldn’t look at a green smoothie without feeling a desire to do the technicolor yawn. It wasn’t that the taste of the spinach in the smoothie was all that bad. In fact, you can hardly taste it at all. But just the slight aftertaste of it was all it took to make me sick of them. I gave up for a while, but then I stopped losing weight (I’ve got a good 30-40 lbs of pure fat on me I need to lose), and I didn’t feel as good. I really missed the nutritional value of those green smoothies. I just wish there was some way to put it directly into my stomach without it having to go through my mouth.

I tried peanut butter and other ingredients, but always the taste of spinach was there. But I stumbled onto an absolute cure. One day I poured in a scoop of fruit punch flavored Accelerade, and the spinach taste was gone. I don’t mean that it was just masked or overwhelmed, I mean it was totally, 100%, gone. I could not detect the slightest taste or aftertaste of spinach. My green smoothies went from tasting like…well, a green smoothie, to tasting like something I paid $6 for at Jamba Juice with a fraction of the nutritional value.

I haven’t tried any other drink mix yet, so I don’t know if fruit punch Accelerade is the only thing that will do it, or if Heed’s Subtle Strawberry or Gatorade Lemon-Lime will have the same effect, but at least I’ve found one cure, and maybe there are more out there.

  • Levi

    Try Emergen-C. They sell a knock off at Costco also. It’ll add a lot of flavor. Almost too much for my tast but you definitely don’t notice the spinach. You can thank Coach Keena for the tip!

  • http://clydesdalemultisportonline.com/ Eric

    What’s your green smoothie recipe (pre-Accelerade)? I’m working on dropping some pounds for this season and would love to add another recipe to my blender arsenal!
    The site looks great. Keep up the good work & keep training!

  • http://www.fatandthefurious.wordpress.com Terry

    I had this same issue but I fixed the situation my using kale instead. I found the taste wasn’t as pungant as spinach and tasted pretty good with a little sweet pear, flaxseed oil, cocnut and agave nectar. Beet greens are neast too.

  • Danie

    Thank you! My father in law got us a Vitamix as I’ve been super excited to try and get healthier through smoothies (we’re both not big veggie fans). Tried it out today for the first time, I’m sure I’ll get better… probably not enough berries in this smoothie but my spinach aftertaste is pretty bad. I don’t mind spinach too much but the aftertaste with the berry smoothie is horrible. Just ordered some Accelerade from Amazon, thanks so much for the tip!