Wait, not so fast.

Well, sometimes getting started again can be a challenge. I visited my physical therapist today because my lower-right back has been hurting as well as my left hamstring, and they seem to be connected. If I try to stretch my left hamstring even a tiny bit it just kills my lower right back. I mean I can’t even begin to stretch my hamstring, it’s that bad.

My therapist was actually a bit stumped by it because he said what I’m experiencing sounds like joint pain, except that in the specific spot where I have the pain there is no joint. His diagnosis was a bit more thorough than that, but the long and short of it is that I can’t run for four weeks, and when I start again I’m supposed to take it super easy. In the meantime he wrote me a prescription to go to the gym and start riding a stationary recumbent bike, do some easy breaststroke swimming, and take a yoga class. No weights, and no twisting. Just easy does it.

So I’ll be signing up today or tomorrow at the Lifetime Fitness in South Jordan. Anybody know of any special deals I can get there? I would go to 24-Hour Fitness since they’re a lot cheaper and I’m not picky, but I had such a horrible time with their cancellation policy the last time.

  • Adam

    There’s a gym on 7200 at 2300 east that is $10/month and no contract.

  • Kristy

    Hey Josh,
    I would also recommend getting massage treatments. Massage can really help with pain management. The students at The Utah College of Massage Therapy get some training in sport massage and stretching. I went to school at the Linden campus but they also have a Salt Lake campus. An hour massage is only $25 and sometimes they have 2 for 1 specials. of course, check with your doctor first.

  • Joshua

    $10/month gym sounds great, but not the drive from Draper to 7200 South every morning. That’d cost me an extra $30-40 in gas per month, but thanks for the suggestion.

    As for the massage, that sounds great too, but telling me I can get a massage for “only” $25 is kind of like telling a bum they can get a brand-new BMW for “only” $25K. Where am I going to get $25 from? I mean, some people are evidently made of money and can afford to buy Harrier jets and $25 massages and stuff, but that’s all above my pay grade.