Best Triathlon Wetsuit

Normally I review products I’ve tried out, but in this case I’m asking for your help, because when it comes to triathlon wetsuits I don’t have much experience. I’ve always rented in the past, and it seems like when I rent a triathlon wetsuit it’s always a Zoot wetsuit for some reason, and most places don’t rent out the higher-end wetsuits. I’ve heard that Orca wetsuits fit “thinner” people better, and I am certainly not one of those thinner people since I currently weigh in at 200 lbs for my 6 ft. stature. I’ve also looked at De Soto and 2XU.

So if you’ve got some good triathlon wetsuit experience, please share your thoughts on what you like, don’t like, etc., because the last thing I or anyone else wants to do is spend $600 on a wetsuit that I realize after one use isn’t the right one.

  • http://www.triathletesedge.com bob

    i have a 2xu and i love it.

  • Morgan

    2XU are very comfortable for swimming long distances. Remember to get some anti-chaffing cream with it.