The Right Protective Case for Your Garmin Forerunner 910xt

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I traveled on a plane the other week. I had to check baggage. I wanted to find a safe way to transport my Garmin Forerunner 910xt in my checked luggage without it getting smashed, broken, or otherwise damaged. This product is labeled as a “Garmin carrying case”. You would think this would do the job. It’s even made by Garmin. Who better to provide a good case to protect my $500+ investment in a watch? Yes, you would think this, but you would be wrong. It’s just a cheap zippered b

ag. It may keep your Garmin from getting scratched in relatively gentle situations. It will do nothing to keep it from getting crushed.

No, what you actually need are this and this. The first is a Pelican case. It’s strong plastic. Tough to crush. It’s also waterproof, not that you need that for your Garmin. But it’s going to protect it. To keep it from flying around inside the case you need the pluckable foam. That way you pluck out a space for your Garmin, it slides in nice and tight, and you can be confident your 910xt is going to arrive safe and sound wherever you’re going. And all for a quite affordable price, unlike your 910xt itself.